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t: 65-64620053 / 63141597
e: le_vigne@singnet.com.sg

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Genuine 10% Discount for Wines & Whiskies thru our Cost Saving, No-Frills Initiative

Le Vigne is very conscious of the relatively high cost of wines & whiskies in Singapore and has taken pains at structuring its business into offering good value. To achieve a lower cost structure which we can pass onto our customers, we recommend our Cash & Carry initiative. ie, when customers make payments in Cash* without the need for delivery, we offer a genuine storewide discount of 10%. (*This does not include NETS.)

Le Vigne has always worked on smaller margins, thus even without this discount our prices are very competitive and have gained us many loyal customers. Delivery for wines & whiskies can however be arranged at current delivery rates.

What's Different about Le Vigne Wines & Whiskies

As a wine & whisky shop, Le Vigne has the advantage of having the owners of the company and very experienced staff who have gone through almost all of their wines & whiskies several times over (oops! what an admission) serve you. Le Vigne's strength in the retail business lies in their ability at making good wine & whisky recommendations based on customer needs.

Le Vigne has long been known to recommend wines & whiskies that are based on value regardless of price. It is easy to choose a wine or whisky from the pricier 'big brand' names, but often the gems are the lesser known labels that offer very high quality to price ratios. It is our policy to try to offer a cheaper alternative that is equal or even better in quality. This is Le Vigne.

Local Distribution & Retail Outlet for Wine & Whisky

Le Vigne's local distribution covers restaurants, hotels, country-clubs, gourmet food & butcher outlets, speciality wine & whisky shops, supermarkets and corporate accounts. Le Vigne also has a retail outlet located under the same roof. This enables us to have personal contact with customers who need advice on a wine or whisky.

Wine/Whisky Dinners / Wine/Whisky Tastings & Corporate Wine/Whisky Events

Le Vigne often holds wine or whisky dinners or events at selected restaurants when wine or whisky personalities visit Singapore. We do wine & whisky trainings for the F&B industry in Singapore and Malaysia as well as consult for restaurants on wine & food pairings and help select whiskies for their menus. Le Vigne also conducts wine & whisky talks for private and corporate events.

Why does Le Vigne Wines & Whiskies not supply wines on a consignment basis.

Wines are very delicate by nature and we take every possible care to prevent spoilage. When wines are sold on consignment and then returned, merchants can no longer guarantee their quality as it is not possible to identify heat damaged or oxidised wines until the bottles are opened. We humbly seek your understanding of our policy of not offering wines on consignment as we strive to avoid any embarrassment from serving spoilt wines to your guests.


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