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Designed for wine, the Plumm story is one of elegance and simplicity. We’ve been making wine glasses since 2009 – the only wine glass brand owned by a wine company. We know wine, and we know that enjoying it in the right glass can be the difference between a good glass of wine and a great one. We work with top winemakers, sommeliers and restaurants in Australia and around the world to create wine glasses that are both beautiful and practical.

There are thousands of different grape varietals but most fall into a few specific styles. Our collections are designed to elevate those styles,eliminating the need for a glass for every varietal. Wine can be complicated, but wine glasses shouldn’t be. Australian owned and made from the finest European crystal, Plumm enhances your wine experience and keeps it simple. So next time you open a bottle of wine, pour it in Plumm.


A red wine glass bowl needs to be full and rounded with a large opening to allow your nose into the glass to experience the aroma of the wine. Red wines benefit from a larger bowl, which offers greater surface area for aeration, and allows the wine to 'breathe' and fully release the aroma and bouquet of the wine, whilst keeping tannin and oak in balance

Plumm's extensive research with winemakers and industry professionals has led them to design two red wine glasses that they simply call REDa and REDb.

Plumm believe that most red wines can be distinguished into those that are robust and full bodied (REDa), and those that are medium to light bodied (REDb).



A white wine glass should be designed to enhance the characteristics and components of the white wine style. Aromatic white wines require a small bowl to help capture the aromas, whilst Oaked Chardonnay and aged white wines require a medium size bowl to enhance the complexity of the wines.

Plumm's extensive research with winemakers and industry professionals led them to design two white wine glasses that they simply call WHITEa and WHITEb

Plumm believe that most white wines can be distinguished into those that are crisp and fresh and those that are medium bodied and oaked.



Developed with some of the great champagne houses and sparkling producers, the Plumm Sparkling glass is designed to create the perfect balance of aroma, flavour and of course sustain the beading of the wine.

These glasses are truly the perfect present for any wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming or other parties that call for celebrating in style.




The Plumm team named each decanter after the iconic streets of Melbourne, the home of Plumm. These decanters are handmade, mouth-blown using premium European crystal. No wine loving home should be without one!

Decanters allow wine to breathe, and also remove sediment from older wines. Most wines, especially reds, will benefit from decanting at least fifteen minutes before you plan to serve them. This will help to soften the wine and shake off any unpleasant aromas that may have developed in the bottle.

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