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Poli Has Landed!

After a long and thirsty wait - no thanks to this pesky virus that's been going around - our long-awaited new shipment from Poli has finally landed! See anything you've been missing?

We're all set with new supplies for evergreen favourites like the Poli Sassicaia Grappa, Sarpa Oro and Cleopatra Amarone Grappa that have been out of stock for far too long, plus some rainy-day stash of the much-requested Marconi 46 gin.

In addition, there are a few new arrivals we're excited to try - the new Brandy Italiano Di Poli, and the Gran Bassano White and Red Vermouth!

Drop in for a visit (don't forget your mask)! We're open daily from 12-6.30pm including weekends. We'll be waiting...

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