Amázzoni Gin 70cl – Brazil


From the purity of the water that nourishes the Amazon comes a new recipe, with ingredients never used before in a gin and harmonized between them by the most famous mixologist of the Cono Sur, with the courage to respect 400 years of tradition of gin and at the same time open to the aromas and spells of the New World.

42% ABV, 70cl

Color: It has crystalline transparent colour.

Aroma: On the nose you can perceive extremely fresh hints of citrus fruits, on a beautiful spicy background.

Taste: In the mouth the same sensations perceive on the nose, with a great balance and softness. The finish is very long and persistent.

Excellent served alone or mixed to create fantastic cocktails.


Amazzoni is not only the first ever premium gin to have its own dedicated distillery in Brazil, but it also brings together from this land five ingredients never explored before as botanical principles in a gin: Juniper berries of course, and then laurel, lemon, coriander, tangerine and pink pepper. Plus the first-time ingredients from the heart of the Amazonian forest: cocoa, Brazil nut, maxixe, victoria regia, and cipò cravo.

About their flavour, you’ll let us know. All those eleven ingredients are macerated in cereal alcohol and the out-coming infusion is then poured in the proportion calibrated by Captain Tato Giovannoni’s top secret recipe, in the majestic copper still, the first ever designed and made in Brazil, the proud beating heart of Amazzoni Distillery.

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