Amázzoni Rio Negro Gin 70cl – Brazil


Black and white. Day and night. Fire and water. All of us have another side to us and Amázzoni is no exception. Two years since the launch of our first gin, a new nectar was born in our distillery, the first Super Premium gin produced in Brazil. An ambitious recipe, created by the new Master Distiller Alexandre Mazza, one of the brand’s founders, offers a more daring, solid and complex London Dry. The preparation has changed. Together with the classic cold-pressed botanical infusion, some solid botanicals were added directly into the still: juniper, coriander and lemon peel.From the classical Amázzoni recipe, two ingredients were removed (maxixe and cipó cravo).

51% ABV

Amazzoni Rio Negro is a classic gin with a powerful punch, honoring the traditional style of the 19th century. It packs a juniper-forward punch, boasting 6x the amount found in their regular Amázzoni. Despite its 51% ABV, it delivers a surprisingly smooth and elegant experience thanks to the oiliness of the Brazilian nut, which balances the herbal and spicy notes. This gin is for those who appreciate the timeless, bold character of classic gin.


Amazzoni is not only the first ever premium gin to have its own dedicated distillery in Brazil, but it also brings together from this land five ingredients never explored before as botanical principles in a gin: Juniper berries of course, and then laurel, lemon, coriander, tangerine and pink pepper. Plus the first-time ingredients from the heart of the Amazonian forest: cocoa, Brazil nut, maxixe, victoria regia, and cipò cravo.

About their flavour, you’ll let us know. All those eleven ingredients are macerated in cereal alcohol and the out-coming infusion is then poured in the proportion calibrated by Captain Tato Giovannoni’s top secret recipe, in the majestic copper still, the first ever designed and made in Brazil, the proud beating heart of Amazzoni Distillery.

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