Curiosity Gin Curious Dry Gin – New Zealand


Curious Dry is the world’s only gin made using only New Zealand native botanicals. Wild harvest Kawakawa and Horopito (Bush Pepper), Manuka and urban foraged Tarata (Lemonwood) make a perfectly balanced London Dry style gin with a distinctly NZ taste and deliver a curiously good G&T.

A classical dry gin with a bright herbaceous freshness, Curious Dry delivers what the traditional gin drinker expects with a quintessentially Kiwi flavour.

40% ABV, 70cl

Bright and herbaceous, Curious Dry offers a classic London Dry style gin with a distinctly New Zealand flavours. Curious Dry is made with just four native botanicals, Kawakawa, Horopito, Manuka and Tarata. These Kiwi flavours pair perfectly with the citrus in most gin cocktails.

About Curiosity Gin

Created for the Curious with unique blending of botanicals, Curiosity Gin is a small batch craft made in New Zealand. How curious are you?

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