Good George Distilling Day Off Handcrafted Gin – New Zealand


In the midst of an uncertain world there’s always a few certainties and one of those is pouring a delicious gin & tonic and raising a glass to cheers doing anything you damn well like.

We’ve created a convenient citrus twist on our classic Day Off Gin so you don’t even have to reach for a cutting board and lemon, just drop in some ice, pour the tonic and kick back.

40% ABV, 70cl

Bright lemon notes, the star of the show, fresh lemon zest and juicy pulp dance on the palate, bringing a vibrant acidity that invigorates your senses.

Balanced with juniper, while the sunshine-soaked lemons take center stage, the juniper backbone ensures it remains a true gin experience, offering that familiar botanical earthiness.

Hints of Spice & Herbs, to round out the flavor profile, subtle hints of other botanicals like coriander and angelica peek through, adding complexity and depth.

Ready to Unwind?

If you’re looking for a gin that’s bursting with bright citrus flavors and promises a refreshing escape, Good George Distilling’s Day Off Lazy Lemon Gin might be your perfect match. So grab a bottle, pour yourself a sunshine-filled drink, and enjoy the summer spirit, no matter the season.


Day Off Lazy Lemon Gin has garnered praise, winning a Silver Medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Delivery Note

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