Imperial Measures Distilling Ounce ‘Signature’ Gin – Adelaide, Australia


Explore Ounce Gin ‘Signature’, a masterfully balanced creation where soft, rich, and round undertones converge with vibrant citrus — all crafted upon a base of juniper, coriander, and angelica. Bright orange, ruby grapefruit, and lemon intertwine with elegant spice. These citrus notes gracefully unfold into the spiced mid-palate, where green cardamom, allspice, and nutmeg collaborate seamlessly. The journey concludes with a creamy finish, graced by hints of vanilla, hazelnut, and the indulgent allure of macadamia. This gin is an exploration of soft richness, dynamic citrus, subtle spice, and a creamy finale — celebrating balance and depth in every sip.

42% ABV

Imperial Measures Distilling's Ounce Signature Gin is the classic Ounce Gin recipe re-branded to allow other, future styles to be labelled Ounce as well.

This is the Ounce we all know and love though, full of bright citrus characters that typify this fragrant gin as well as using plenty of full vanilla pods in the pot to soften the edges. Ideal for a Negroni with the partner Ruby Bitter or in a G&T; just make sure to garnish it with an orange slice to bring that zest to the next level.


Ounce Gin is crafted by the Imperial Measures team, Chris Jones and David Danby.

Friends, colleagues and really just a couple of old soaks who have spent the better part of their lives either behind, in front or on top of bars.

After working together for many years they have thrown our hats into the ring as a craft producer and are overjoyed at what Ounce Gin has become.

When they made the decision to create a Gin, foremost in their minds was how would our Gin be served. Being at the beginning of our journey they felt that our first Gin should start at the beginning too.

The ubiquitous Gin and Tonic is a simple delicious drink drunk by all. And it is in the G&T that they wanted Ounce Gin to shine. From this they built Ounce.

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