KIS Ki Spirits Wild Gin – Australia


Unleash the wild spirit of Kangaroo Island with KI SPIRITS WILD GIN, a handcrafted gin infused with the island’s unique botanicals. This award-winning gin promises a taste of the island’s untamed beauty, capturing the essence of its rugged coastline, windswept bushland, and diverse native flora.

The initial aroma bursts with an invigorating freshness, akin to a sunrise over the Kangaroo Island cliffs. A wave of crisp citrus - think zesty limes and juicy grapefruit - mingles with the aromatic resin of juniper berries

The first sip hits the tongue with a vibrant kick of juniper, but quickly evolves into a complex dance of flavors. Ripe lime zest bursts forward, balanced by the subtle sweetness of coastal rosemary and the earthy warmth of coriander.

The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a clean, cool sensation on the palate. The citrus lingers, entwined with the subtle warmth of juniper and a hint of earthy minerality.


When Australia’s first dedicated Gin distillery was founded on Kangaroo Island in 2006, there was a burning desire to create something that spoke of the beautiful place that we call home.

We believe in quality, not quantity handcrafting our spirits in small batches using hand-picked botanicals – doing things the right way, not the easy way. It’s this attention to detail that helps to capture the essence and spirit of this unique place.​

A spirit like no other.​
Distilled into spirits like no other.​
From a spirited place like no other.

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