Arktika Premium Vodka – Australia


The Arctic has always been a place of mystery and fascination. A place where one can experience incredible beauty in the most extreme environment. For centuries man has attempted to conquer this inhospitable place, risking their lives to explore the Arctic circle.

In this bitterly cold and isolated environment explorers would rely on small tokens to help them pass the time during the long journeys through the ice covered waters. Amongst the obvious provisions there would always be room for a bottle or two of Vodka. With its smooth taste it provided an uplifting and heartwarming escape from the cold. Vodka was a way of keeping up morale during times when human endurance was challenged.

37% ABV, 70cl

COLOR: Clear liquid

BOUQUET: Sweet creamy vanilla, slightly nutty with lightly spiced rye

PALATE: This smooth, silky, full bodied vodka opens with notes of grain that become softer before peach ripeness comes to the forefront. It exhibits a well balanced slightly spicy nutty taste

FINISH: Finishes with a delicate dry berry fade, sweet creamy notes and a delicate balance of alcohol and sweetness

Arktika Premium Vodka is a tribute to the pioneers who first navigated the extreme seas of the Northeast Passage to explore sea lanes and survey the coast in and around the arctic circle.

Arktika Premium Vodka has a unique hint of spicy sweetness with a silky smooth taste which, when blended with natural spring water, provides a superb balance. You can enjoy it neat, chilled in traditional Russian style, or on the rocks.


Gold Medal
2021 SIP Awards
Silver Medal
2021 International Spirits Challenge

Previous Awards:

Double Gold Medal
2020 China Wine & Spirits Awards
Gold Medal
2019 China Wine & Spirits Awards (Best Value)
Gold Medal
2019 Singapore World Spirits Competition

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