Black Bart Spiced Rum – Barbados


Black Bart Spiced Rum is a small-batch spiced rum crafted and named after the notorious pirate who sailed the Caribbean Seas. It’s meant to pay homage to the rums of the pirate era, offering a smooth, medium-bodied, and refined experience.

40% ABV, 70cl

A moderate sweet molasses/vanilla palate with hints of well balanced spices of Cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cloves with a slight infusion of citrus and anise. The rum is smooth, long and well balanced.

Black Bart rum is best served over ice but is equally delicious with your favourite mixer.

About Nusa Cana

A small batch spiced rum handcrafted and named after the most notorious pirate to sail the Caribbean seas.

Discover the taste of Black Bart’s Spiced Rum.

This spiced rum pays tribute to the rums of the pirate era, smooth, medium bodied and refined. Handcrafted in small batches with 25 natural herbs and spices all individually steeped before being filtered using coconut shell charcoal, then blended with the highest quality Caribbean rum that has been matured in charred oak barrels for 2 years. Coffee and vanilla sweetness mingle with subtle clove and cinnamon to provide a ginger spice aftertaste. Can be served neat, over ice or mixed.