Cape Grim Autumn Butter Vodka 70cl – Tasmania, Australia


Every Autumn the season’s heaviest rains produce field after field of the lushest grass across North West Tasmania. The local cows in turn produce the tastiest milk for the family owned dairies to convert into the richest cream and some of the world’s greatest butter. The weight of this rich golden Autumn Butter is matched with whole vanilla pods and our pot distilled vodka to create one of the most intriguing, full bodied taste experiences.

AROMA: Rich buttercream and vanilla pod aromas, balances with notes of buttered popcorn, crème brulee and eggnog.

TASTE: Initially creamy and full bodied with prominent flavours of salted butter and sweet vanilla pod, followed by hints of caramelised popcorn, saltbush and toasted coconut, leading to a warming and long finish.

About Cape Grim

Tasmania, a pristine island that sits below the southernmost coast of Australia, north of Antarctica. It’s an environmental wilderness famous for its clean air and natural beauty.

Hidden away in this sanctuary of wild forests, windswept hills and rugged coastline is the aptly named Cape Grim. Scientists have proven the air here is the cleanest in the world. The wind blows the Antarctic rains uninhibited to the Cape. This is where we source our water. 

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