Chairman’s Reserve 1931 Rum St. Lucia


After six limited-edition releases, Chairman’s Reserve is evolving! It’s now a continuous blend of aged Coffey and pot still rums, boasting a bolder 46% ABV. The core blend uses molasses-based rums, but 10% comes from the rare sugarcane juice distillate, made in a John Dore still with island-grown cane. Aged for 7-12 years in bourbon and port casks, this is a new chapter for Chairman’s Reserve.

46% ABV, 70cl

Nose: Dry, oaky with butterscotch toffee fruit and vanilla from the oak, with tobacco and spices.

Palate: Dry with honeyed banana fruit and a hint of grassy aromatics from the rum agricole.

Finish: Long and complex. Oaky but balanced.


In 1931, a new distillery was commissioned in the Mabouya Valley near Dennery in Saint Lucia.  The distillery was founded by Denis Barnard and produced rum until 1972 when St. Lucia Distillery was formed out of the merger between the Dennery Distillery and the Roseau Distillery.  The rums are distilled in a combination of pot stills and column stills( 2 John Dore, one Vendome and one Coffey Still). 

Chairman’s Reserve is more than just a rum producer; it’s a symbol of Saint Lucia’s cultural heritage and passion for excellence. With its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability, Chairman’s Reserve appeals to discerning rum enthusiasts seeking a truly authentic and exceptional experience.