Clan Denny Traditional Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Speyside, Scotland


Best known for single grain bottlings, the Clan Denny label has also long provided blended malts (or ‘vatted’ malts as they used to be known) from Speyside and Islay. Here is a Speyside single malt from the range, however, from an undisclosed distillery. “A superior example of” Douglas McGibbon’s (aka Douglas Laing’s) “finest single 100% malt Scotch whisky”, finished in bourbon casks.

ABV 43%, 70cl

On the nose detect a set of rich Malty vanilla'd and fresh oak notes, plus summer berries and freshly sawn wood. On the palate, it is above all rich, round, vanilla'd, toffee'd and oaked, with a satisfyingly sweet and long finish.


About Clan Denny

The Clan Denny range is presented by Douglas Laing & Co, a company deeply rooted in tradition and history. Founded in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing, the company continues the family tradition to this day, with a particular focus on crafting Scotch whiskies using time-honored methods. The business, which was originally started by the husband of Mr. Douglas McGibbon’s granddaughter, is proud of its family roots and the involvement of the Morag McGibbon family.

At Douglas Laing & Co, great emphasis is placed on preserving traditional whisky making, making the Clan Denny range an expression of true craftsmanship and family pride. From their family stock, they select only the highest quality casks that have been stored for years in the cool, dark and damp warehouses of Scotland.

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