Craft Works Distillery Time & Wages Bumblebee Single Malt Whisky – Australia


Get ready for a flavor buzz! Craft Works Distillery introduces their third original bottling, the “Time & Wages Bumblebee,” bursting with vibrant character. This exciting single malt is the brainchild of “Crafty,” the owner and distiller, who personally crafted the new-make spirit used in his previous “I Am” and “I Am Too” creations. This time, he elevates the experience by maturing the spirit in a unique cask – a heavily charred, 100L American white oak cask previously aged with exquisite Spanish PX Sherry. The result? A limited-edition release of only 171 bottles, currently sold out at the distillery, leaving whisky enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation for future batches.

62.21% ABV, 50cl

Time & Wages Bumblebee takes flight on the nose, its aroma reminiscent of warm bread straight from the oven slathered with rich, single-source honey. This fragrant introduction hints at a delightful sweetness, but the palate reveals a pleasing complexity. Waves of dark honey mingle with hints of dark chocolate and a malty backbone, yet the sweetness is expertly balanced, avoiding any cloying heaviness.


When I started my whisky journey, I soon realised that I had developed an insatiable appetite to learn, to explore and just to dream all things single malt whisky. As I defined myself further as a craft worker, I developed a mantra that really sums it up for me:

“I am a Craft Worker therefore I am …”

Simply it means, what I do is a craft, its physical sensory work and it gives me happiness. It fits beautifully with my personal philosophy of, in life you need to have a passion and a purpose to be happy.

Craft Works single malt whisky drinkers are people who are interested in the story of a craft artisan spirit, people who appreciate the art, the craft and the exploration of what you can create as a small producer.

I am proud of the spirit I produce, I am proud of the connections I have made and I am proud that I have become affectionately known as Crafty.

– – Crafty

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