Maestra Destiladora Condesa Clasica Gin – Mexico


Mexico City Extra Dry Gin.

Formulated to celebrate Mexico’s abundant flora and the traditional curandera ceremonies they are used in. Herbs to clear negative energy. Flowers to attract love. Resins to expand consciousness.

43% ABV, 75cl

Dry and crisp, the juniper takes center stage, supported by the citrusy zest and a touch of herbal bitterness.

Warming and complex, the botanicals build on the palate, revealing layers of floral sweetness, earthy spice, and the unique, slightly medicinal touch of palo santo and myrrh.

Smooth and well-balanced, despite the complex flavor profile, everything comes together harmoniously, making it a surprisingly easy-drinking gin.

Condesa Gin is a small-batch gin produced by Flor de Luna, a female-run distillery in Mexico City. The gin is made with 12 botanicals, including some unique ingredients inspired by traditional Latin American Curandera rituals, such as palo santo, sage, xoconostle, and azahar.

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