Nusa Caña Spiced Island Rum – Indonesia


Nusa Caña Spiced Island rum is a fruit-forward, dry, spiced rum, perfect in long drinks, cocktails, punches and parties, and the only rum inspired by the ‘Spice Islands’ of Indonesia

40% ABV, 70cl

Aroma: Spiced-pineapple fruit cake. Sugarcane. Coffee & chocolate undertones.

Taste: Dry spiced rum. Pineapple sweetness. Clove. Nutmeg with sugarcane funk. Coffee and cacao carried on spicy ginger.

Finish: Smooth long finish. Dry Spiced rum. Coffee & cacao ginger, and nutmeg.

About Nusa Cana

Created by four friends who share a passion for great spirits, good times and Indonesia’s island life, Nusa Caña is a uniquely blended Tropical Island Rum, and a project to bring back the forgotten story of an ancient Indonesian craft still alive today.

Indonesian rum was discovered when the Dutch landed in Java in the 1600’s and became the most popular, crafted, exotic and sought after quality sugar cane spirit of the 17th-19th century. Found in the best bars and drinking occasions across Europe and America, selling at twice the price of Cognac and Caribbean rum, Indonesian rums international popularity earned it the titles ‘the worlds first international luxury spirit’ and ‘godfather to the rum world’.