Poli Vespaiolo Grappa 500ml – Italy


Jacopo Poli Vespaiolo is a single-vintage grappa made from the pomace of the aromatic Vespaiolo variety, grown in the Breganze hills of the Veneto region, where the soil is volcanic and the temperature is cool.

Jacopo Poli Vespaiolo is a clear grappa with unique aromas of wisteria blossom, fig, red apples and honey. On the palate, the depth is incredible, rich and elegant flavours continue to evolve well into the finish.


About Poli Distillery

The Poli Distillery is a historic artisanal enterprise owned by the Poli Family founded in 1898 in
Schiavon, near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of Veneto, the most renowned region for the
production of Grappa.

For four generations the Poli Distillery operates with an ancient alembic completely made of
copper, among the very few still existing, which allows to produce Grappa and other distillates
featuring a sophisticated balance between personality and elegance.

The distillery facility is considered of historical and environmental significance for its porch
structure typical of the ancient Venetian rural houses.

At the Poli Grappa Museum, the distillation and Grappa history are presented in a cosy and
alluring environment throughout the tutorial path; as a result of long and passionate research,
it is a heart-felt tribute by the Poli Distillery towards the majesty of Grappa.

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