Shropshire Gin Co. Tiger Premium Gin 70cl – Birmingham, England


Unleash a roar of flavor with Tiger Premium Gin from the Shropshire Gin Co. This award-winning spirit, crafted in the heart of England, dances on the edge between classic London Dry gin and a delightfully sweet and smooth experience. Imagine the familiar juniper and citrus base waltzing with warm spices and a hint of delicate sweetness, leaving you wanting more with every sip.

40% ABV

This gin has plenty of spice on the nose, with a rich almost perfurmed character on the palate and a hint of sweetness on the finish. While this gin shines in a classic gin and tonic, its versatility opens doors to endless possibilities. Experiment with refreshing spritzes featuring elderflower and cucumber, or craft fragrant gin sours with muddled berries and a touch of sweetness. Tiger Premium Gin even elevates a classic Negroni with its warm spice notes, adding a unique twist to this iconic cocktail.


The Shropshire Gin Co. takes pride in handcrafting its spirits using pure English water and the finest quality grains. Each batch is distilled in a traditional copper pot still, ensuring a rich and authentic flavor experience. Tiger Premium Gin embodies the soul of the English countryside, capturing the essence of fresh botanicals and a passion for handcrafted excellence.

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