SLYRS Mountain Edition Single Malt Whisky – Germany


The Slyrs Mountain Edition is a very special whiskey that matures on the summit of the Stümpfling mountain at an altitude of 1,501 meters and therefore breathes the mountain air of the Upper Bavarian Alps. In order to be able to produce this unique whiskey, the founders Anton Stetter and Hans Kemenater transported around 50 specially selected whiskey barrels to the mountain top using the ski lift. The Slyrs high-altitude warehouse is located there, where the Slyrs Mountain Edition matures for 5 years until it is perfected.

ABV 45%, 70cl

COLOUR: Light golden yellow
NOSE: Bourbon vanilla, caramel, roasted almonds.
PALATE: Intense and spicy, dry with slightly peppery notes.
FINISH: Long-lasting, slightly smoky and sweet-fruity.

The vision of an Upper Bavarian Whiskys had SLYRS Founder Florian Stetter during a study trip to Scotland. He realized it in the heart of the Bavarian Alps: With great attention to detail, the best Bavarian raw materials and gentle manufacturing processes, today the SLYRS Whisky distillery in Neuhaus am Schliersee a fruity-malty original: the SLYRS Bavarian single malt Whisky.

Mountains on the doorstep, one idea in mind: SLYRS Whisky, which breathes the mountain air of the Upper Bavarian Alps and matures to perfection there. In 2014 continued SLYRS Co-founder Anton Stetter with managing director and master distiller Hans Kemenater put this project into practice. With the ski lift, they transported around 50 specially selected people Whiskybarrels at an altitude of 1501 meters, on the top of the Stümpfling mountain.

There is the unique SLYRS high camp, the SLYRS Mountain edition matures in it for 5 years until its completion. The purest mountain air and extreme temperature fluctuations of up to 60 degrees characterize this special storage location and are reflected in the SLYRS Valuability through a clear, intense flavor and extraordinary flavor again.

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