Lough Ree Distillery Sling Shot Irish Gin – Ireland


Sling Shot Distilled Irish Gin

Inspired by Lough Ree legend, Sling Shot Gin marries classic botanicals with citrus, fresh mint and local peat, in a modern twist, creating a bold and fresh contemporary gin.

Sling Shot’s unique character hasn’t gone unnoticed. It has garnered international acclaim, winning four gold medals at prestigious tasting competitions and establishing itself as a rising star in the world of Irish gin.

41% ABV, 70cl

The citrus and mint give beautifully fresh top notes, the juniper and cardamom in particular add spice and boldness while the peat finishes it of with a wonderful earthiness and full mouthfeel.

About Sling Shot Distilled Irish Gin

Sling Shot isn’t your typical gin. It takes a bold approach, using four distinct distillates to create its complex flavor profile:

    • Classic Gin Distillate – The juniper-forward base, providing the familiar gin backbone.
    • Citrus Distillate – A vibrant burst of zesty lemon and grapefruit, adding freshness and zing.
    • Mint Distillate – A whisper of cool peppermint, offering a refreshing twist and balancing the citrus.
    • Peat Distillate – A touch of smoky mystery, thanks to the inclusion of peated malt, making Sling Shot truly stand out.

This combination of botanicals creates a gin that’s both fresh and earthy, light and complex. The citrus and mint hit you first, followed by the juniper and spice, and then the subtle smokiness lingers on the finish. It’s a truly dynamic and unexpected taste experience.

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