Negroni – By The ExciseMan


The ExciseMan’s Negroni uses premium ingredients from the renowned Poli Distillery (1898) in Veneto, Italy well known for their perfection at slow distillation.  It combines Poli’s Marconi Gin, Airone Rosso Aperitivo & Gran Bassano Vermouth, each so refined that they can be enjoyed neat as stand-alone drinks. The result, a delicious and absolutely richly flavoured yet refreshing cocktail. To add to the experience, we recommend shaking the mixture to excite the flavours and add texture as you pour it over ice and a slice of orange peel.

A symphony of botanicals: Marconi Gin, a symphony of juniper, coriander, and other botanicals, dances on the palate, leaving a crisp, invigorating kiss.

Ruby whispers of intrigue: Airone Rosso Aperitivo, infused with citrus, rhubarb, and herbs, adds a touch of bittersweet magic, its vibrant hue a prelude to the experience.

A velvet caress of sweetness: Gran Bassano Vermouth, a whisper of Italian magic, rounds out the blend with gentle sweetness, creating a harmonious balance that lingers long after the last sip.


About Exciseman's Negroni

Step into a world of exquisite flavors with The ExciseMan’s Negroni, a masterpiece crafted with the finest ingredients from Italy’s renowned Poli Distillery (since 1898). Each element, from the juniper-laced Marconi Gin to the vibrant Airone Rosso Aperitivo and the smooth Gran Bassano Vermouth, is a testament to Poli’s dedication to slow distillation and artisanal excellence.

Delivery Note

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