SLYRS Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky – Germany


Bavarian Whisky with aromatic Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish 

The strong SLYRS Single Malt as itself is already a special delight for all whisky lovers of fresh, full bodied whiskys. Through the Cask Finishing in the Pedro Ximénez barrel it gets extra fruity flavors which expand in the mouth and have a mild after taste. A real rarity from the traditional distillery SLYRS located at the beautiful Schliersee. You can order Whisky Pedro Ximénez online. 

ABV 46%, 70cl

COLOUR: Dark honey

NOSE: Fruity with winter aromas like dried plums and berries.

PALATE: Pleasantly round with a sweet and spicy note that Whisky-Aroma harmoniously complemented.

FINISH: Soft, lingering on the palate and reminiscent of raisins.



Bayerischer Whisky with an aromatic Pedro Ximénez Cask Finish

Pedro Ximénez is a sherry variety made from white, ripe grapes with an intoxicatingly fruity scent and taste. A classic sherry grape is the palomino grape, which is heavily dried and thus has a high sugar content as a result when the sherry is processed. The cask finish that previously contained this exceptional sherry gives the Whisky mouth-filling fruity aromas that ensure a mild aftertaste.

Tasting & recommendations

Slightly below room temperature, this malt is a treat.

Delivery Note

Delivery charged at $10 per location in Singapore. Complimentary delivery for orders $300 and above.