14 INKAS Native Peruvian Potato Vodka – Peru


14 Inkas Potato Vodka is made from native Peruvian potatoes that are grown in the Andes Mountains. The potatoes are fermented and then distilled multiple times to create a smooth, clean vodka. 

40% ABV, 75cl

Color: Vodka of crystal clear, transparent color.
Aroma: The aroma of vodka is fresh, classic vodka.
Taste: Vodka has a very mild, clean taste with a long, warming aftertaste.

Vodka goes well with first courses (hodgepodge, fish soup), fish, caviar, meat dishes, pancakes with various fillings and pies, marinades and pickes.

Destileria Espiritu Andino is a company that is at the forefront of craft distillation in Peru. In its work, the company focuses on local products, combining ancient methods with modern technologies.

14 Inkas were the rulers of the largest empire of the Andean mountains. In Peru, more than 3,000 meters above sea level, they used the science, magic and mysticism of their ancestors to cultivate such rugged terrain.

Pachamana – Mother of Earth – accepted their offerings and, with love, brought forth the native potatoes at the heart of this exceptional artisan spirit: 14 Inkas, our tribute to the sons of the Sun.

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