Ferreira Dona Antonia 10 Años Old Tawny Porto NV


Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia 10 Years Old is a special wine, a Tawny Porto with indication of age named after the long time celebrated estate Quinta do Porto, a symbol of the perfect alliance between the unique Douro and man´s skill, in a knowledge harmony established at Ferreira for over 250 years.

Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia Tawny 10 Years Old has a deep tawny hue with red hints. Its aroma is characterised by an excellent balance between the quality of its original grapes and wine (noticeable in its floral and ripe fruit aromas) and its ageing through oxidation in wood (which gives it spicy and nutty aromas). In the mouth, the classic and fresh style of the Ferreira brand is conspicuous, achieving a fine balance between the different sensations in the wine body and in the long final in the mouth.


About Ferreira

The wines selected to enter the final blend of the Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia Tawny 10 Years Old remain in the Douro after the harvest and are taken to V.N.Gaia in the following Spring and enter the traditional Porto Wine ageing process, in oak casks. During their ageing period, the wines are subjected to numerous transfers, analyses and tasting, making it possible to monitor their ageing and intervene through blending, refreshing and corrections whenever tasting so advises. The final blend is obtained using wines aged between 8 and 15 years, so as always to achieve the average age, quality and style of Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia Tawny 10 Years Old.


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