Poli Arzente Wine Brandy 1500ml – Italy


From the material… to the spirit

Arzente is a wine distillate with a rather unique story behind its name.

Once upon a time Italian wine distillates were called ‘Cognac’.

That caused endless squabbles with France until on 29 May 1948, at the end of the Second World War, an agreement was signed whereby Italy renounced the Cognac denomination, reserved only for wine distillates from the Charente area, in France.

It was therefore necessary to find another name. A few years before the poet Gabriele Dannunzio had suggested to Italianize the term Cognac, replacing it with ‘Acquarzente’, then shortened to ‘Arzente’.

ABV 40%, 150cl

Wine Brandy, aged 10 years in oak barrels, traditional bain-marie distilled. Its aroma recalls a patisserie full of cream pastries, eggnog and tiramisu cake.

About Poli Distillery

This family business started back in 1898 when door to door distilling of pomace – the used skins of pressed grapes – in a small still was carried out on a cart. Poli is now commissioned by the likes of prestigious wine producers such as Sassicaia to convert their pomace to high grade grappa. The Poli distillery uses an innovative double boiler vacuum still known as “Cryospea”.

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