Poli Marconi 46 Gin – Italy

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MARCONI 46 is an italian gin artisanally distilled and obtained from a unique infusion of the finest juniper berries, muscat grapes, mountain pine, cembra pine, mint, cardamom and coriander from the north of the Veneto region where the Poli family comes from.  A gin so refined that it is often used as a digestif without the need for mixers.

Juniper, fresh and balsamic. Aromas of mountain pine, mint, stone pine. On the palate the muscat grape gives a silky softness, softening the sharp edges of a sip surrounded by depth, once again coriander and cardamom.


About Poli Distillerie

This family business started back in 1898 when door to door distilling of pomace – the used skins of pressed grapes – in a small still was carried out on a cart. Poli is now commissioned by the likes of prestigious wine producers such as Sassicaia to convert their pomace to high grade grappa. The Poli distillery uses an innovative double boiler vacuum still known as “Cryospea”.

Gin Marconi is an italian gin, artisanally distilled in small batches by Jacopo Poli with Crysopea, his own vacuum bain-marie pot still: a unique method of distillation that enables to obtain intense scents, clean taste and a longlasting aromatic persistence.

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