Sandeman Medium Sweet NV


Sandeman Sherry Medium Sweet ages in its own Solera of small oak casks. The wines selected just after the harvest evolve into colours of copper amber and rich gold. With time they develop subtle complexity and round, full-bodied characteristics with a wonderful richness.

95% Palomino Fino, 5% Pedro Ximénez

Dark copper amber colours, with highlights of old gold. Fresh, subtly complex Oloroso characteristics offset the velvety richness and full body of this wine. It is well balanced, with a very smooth and velvety aftertaste and a clean finish. Sandeman Sherry Medium Sweet is ready to drink and does not require decanting. Serve chilled, between 10ºC-12ºC. Once open Sandeman Sherry Medium Sweet will remain fresh for up to 8 weeks.


About Sandeman

It all started in 1790, when the 25-year-old son of a Scottish prosperous cabinetmaker asked for a 300£ loan from his father to set up as a wine merchant in London.

This ambitious young man was George Sandeman, the founder of Sandeman, who ended up establishing one of the world’s leading Port and Sherry wine businesses.

From early on Sandeman specialised in these two great Iberian fortified wines and, following a usual practice in those days, began trading not from own offices but from Tom’s Coffee house, on Birchin Lane, London. Business was agreed on a ‘gentleman’s word’ and George soon gained an impeccable reputation, characteristic of The House of Sandeman to today.

Delivery Note

Delivery charged at $10 per location in Singapore. Complimentary delivery for orders $300 and above.