Sandeman Pedro Ximenez Natural Superior Sweet Sherry 500ml – Spain


Sandeman Pedro Ximénez is a Superior Natural Sweet Wine aged for more 10 years and made from ripe grapes Pedro Ximenez, which after the vintage are exhibited during several weeks to the process called “Soleo” (direct sun) to become raisins in order to get a natural concentration of sugar through the fruit dehydration. After the fermentation is added enough wine alcohol in order to stop it and obtaining a sweet natural wine by the traditional Solera System.

Sandeman Sherry Pedro Ximénez Superior Natural Sweet has an attractive and intense mahogany colour result of its own origin and oxidative ageing, touch in mouth and aromas of raisined fruit (grapes, figs and dates) with a pleasant sweet on the palate and it is very remarkable the "lagrimeo" when we shake the glass caused by the high density. Sandeman Sherry Pedro Ximénez Superior Natural Sweet is an excellent on its own. It is an ideal wine to pair with acid fruits like apple and orange, pastries, chocolate, vanilla ice-cream and even black coffee.

About Sandeman

It all started in 1790, when the 25-year-old son of a Scottish prosperous cabinetmaker asked for a 300£ loan from his father to set up as a wine merchant in London.

This ambitious young man was George Sandeman, the founder of Sandeman, who ended up establishing one of the world’s leading Port and Sherry wine businesses.

From early on Sandeman specialised in these two great Iberian fortified wines and, following a usual practice in those days, began trading not from own offices but from Tom’s Coffee house, on Birchin Lane, London. Business was agreed on a ‘gentleman’s word’ and George soon gained an impeccable reputation, characteristic of The House of Sandeman to today.

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