Vinaceous Sirenya Pinot Grigio White Wine – Adelaide Hills, Australia

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Our Pinot Grigio has been sourced a single vineyard in Mount Barker Western Australia; The earlier season this year meant the fruit ripened in generally warmer conditions, showcasing the Pinot Grigio’s fruit characters.

Very bright and clear with just the tiniest hint of green/gold.

Has a delicate but complex nose with lovely aromas of ‘baked apple’ and pear skin.

A fresh and very well weighted wine. It is very textural and mouth filling with pithy lime fruit flavours. A crisp dry Pinot Grigio that is best enjoyed as a young wine.


About Vinaceous

Since 2007 our unique collaboration has granted us access to some of the best vineyards from The Great Southern and Margaret River regions in Western Australia and enabled us to produce delicious wines.

Our winemaking philosophy is simple and relatively non–intrusive – to produce fine and distinctive wines, that reflect the individual characteristics of the vineyard and variety.


Many organic principles are incorporated into our vineyard systems.

All nutrition requirements are based upon stringent soil analysis, and a spring application of mineral based fertiliser that is microbially seeded and spread as required. During the warm summer months liquid kelp is used as a conditioner to maintain leaf health so important during the final ripening phase.

We always use a very soft fungicide program and rely on organically approved sulfurs and copper, as the backbone of our programs, used in conjunction with canopy manipulation to reduce the incidence of pests and disease.

It is a ‘holistic approach’; with each component affecting the next with a strong emphasis on soil and plant health as a natural deterrent to pest and disease.

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