EAST LONDON LIQUOR CO. London Dry Gin 70cl – England


Nestled in Bow Wharf, just a stone’s throw from Victoria Park, East London Liquor Company crafts their signature London Dry Gin. This spirit starts with 100% British wheat and blooms with a vibrant blend of botanicals. Bright citrus peels (think lemon and grapefruit!), exotic cubeb berries, cardamom’s warmth, coriander’s bite, angelica root’s depth, and Macedonian juniper’s iconic touch make for a gin that’s both classic and captivating.

Nose: Opens a vibrant citrus medley, dominated by grapefruit and lemon peel, alongside a hint of zesty lime.

Palate: The initial sip is crisp and refreshing, with the citrus notes taking center stage again. Grapefruit and lemon dance on the tongue, balanced by the juniper's piney character.

Finish: The finish is dry and clean, with lingering and citrus notes. The warmth of the cardamom and coriander's spiciness continue to play on the palate, adding a delightful complexity.


Our distillery is based in the industrial heart of London’s East End, so we’re not short of old practices. We just choose to ignore them. Favouring what’s to come over what’s come before, our booze is anything but old school. Just how we like it.

The Thames turns through our smiler, our Found Alphabet was literally ‘found’ around East London and we distil and serve from our corner of Victoria Park. But East is not just where we drink. Being from the East End makes us underdogs in spirit, we flip the V to convention and stick our necks out for change.

Because at East London, we believe everyone deserves a decent drink. #DRINKEAST

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