Graybeard Distillery Bedlam Vodka – USA


Bedlam Vodka: Unveiling the Elegance of Rice Craftsmanship

Discover a world of refined taste and uniqueness with Bedlam Vodka, a spirit that elevates the art of distillation by harnessing the subtle beauty of long-grain white rice. Crafted with precision and dedication, Bedlam Vodka stands as a testament to the marriage of innovation and tradition. With its naturally gluten-free essence, it offers an inviting and smooth experience that captivates the senses.

40% ABV, 75cl

A wispy aroma hints at the spirit's unique heritage. Silk-like texture glides across the palate, revealing a distinct rice character. Clean and refined, the taste intrigues with its subtle allure. A gentle finish lingers, echoing the spirit's individuality.

About Graybeard Distillery

Founded by two veterans who refused to settle for the ordinary, Graybeard Distillery is committed to pushing boundaries and creating bold, unconventional spirits.

Bedlam Vodka is a rallying cry for misfits, rebels, and anyone who dares to defy the status quo. Join the Bedlam Brigade and connect with like-minded individuals who celebrate individuality and living life on their own terms.

Delivery Note

Delivery charged at $10 per location in Singapore. Complimentary delivery for orders $300 and above.